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Meet The DockAll

It's More..

The DockAll is more than just a charging station. It's more than just a dock for your device. It isn't just a speaker and it certianly isnt just a highend speakerphone.

The DockAll is all of these things in one convenient package.

A perfect solution for home and office.


Simple to use. Impossible to Live Without.

The DockAll has been designed with convience and satisfaction as leading design principals.

The beauty of the DockAll is how easy it is to use.

The perfect solution for your home and office.


Uncompromising Compatibility.

You don't need to worry. As long as your device is Qi wireless enabeled it will work with the DockAll.

Even if your device isn't capable of wireless charging we've still got you covered.

There are 2 USB ports located in the back of the DockAll to provide charge to any device.


Sound Quality



Available Models


DockAll D100 - Qi Wireless Charging Sound Hub

The DockAll D100 is a stylish Qi wireless charging docking station with a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker system that provides premium sound through Dual Channel 5 watts speakers, two full-size USB ports, a MicroSD slot, a built-in microphone, front panel controls, and tested to charge through most plastic cases including the OtterBox Defender. 

 Product Overview

The DockAll allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time via wireless or through a wired connection and is capable of docking numerous sizes of phones and tablets up to 13 inches.

With Qi wireless charging technology, the DockAll can charge certain phones wirelessly while sitting on the docking station. It allows you to charge your phone vertically or horizontally. For phones that are not Qi capable, the docking station has two USB ports on the back for charging additional devices.  

Enhance your Music and Video streaming experience while listening to the two built-in speakers when connected to a Bluetooth device or use the docking station as a speakerphone. 

FCC, CE, ETL (Same as UL) and QI Certified, and UL Charger Listed. 

For Customer Service, Technical Support, and Warranty Services, contact us by email at support@azpenpc.com or through our US Toll-Free Number 855-297-3672 M-F, 9 AM-5:30 PM (CST).  Azpen strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


Qi Wireless charging built-in

Bluetooth 4.0

Dual Hi-Fi Speakers 4OHM 5W with dual reflex ports

LED Light/Lamp

USB1 1A USB2 2A for wired charging

DC Charging Port

MicroSD Card slot expanded to 64GB

Compatible with Qi wireless phones including iPhone 8 and up, Samsung Galaxy S6 and up, and other Qi Wireless integrated devices.